Who are ANIMAGI?

ANIMAGI CIC is a Community Interest Company based in Reading, United Kingdom, who’s activities primarily provide benefit to the LGBTQ+ communities of South East England and where feasible LGBTQ+ communities nationally.

We foster a fully inclusive kink-positive 18+ community, both in-person (based in Reading) and online (through video-conference and online chat rooms).

Our Aims and Activities

ANIMAGI CIC aims to achieve the following within the kink and wider LGBTQ+ communities:

ANIMAGI CIC conducts the following activities to meet our aims:

This is not an exhaustive list, we will consider taking part in any way we believe we can spread our work and support the kink and LGBTQ+ community.

Who We Work With

ANIMAGI CIC works with a number of organisations to promote our work and aid others with supporting the kink and wider LGBTQ+ community.

PRIDE in Gloucestershire
ANIMAGI CIC works closely with PRIDE in Gloucestershire to advise and deliver kink representation. More information can be found about www.prideinglos.org.uk.

Our Funding

ANIMAGI CIC is a non-profit organisation, meaning any funding we receive goes directly back into supporting our community. This said, we still have running costs, equipment to purchase, and travel to pay.

We are keen to be open and honest about where we get funding from, and where it goes. At present, we receive funding from the following sources: