Who are ANIMAGI?

ANIMAGI CIC is a Reading-based volunteer organisation founded in 2020 focusing on improving education and awareness within the Kink and Fetish, as well as wider LGBTQ+ communities, predominantly in the South East and where feasible LGBTQ+ communities nationally.

Our Aims

ANIMAGI CIC aims to achieve the following within the Kink & Fetish and wider LGBTQ+ communities:

Our Partners

PRIDE in Gloucestershire
ANIMAGI CIC works closely with PRIDE in Gloucestershire to advise and deliver Kink & Fetish representation. More information can be found about www.prideinglos.org.uk.

MyUmbrella LGBT+
MyUmbrella LGBT+ is a volunteer led project of Reading Pride to raise awareness of the lesser known identities across the sexuality, gender, romantic and fetish spectrum’s collectively known as LGBT+. We were launched on 5th September 2015 with an aim to raise awareness of the 317+ identities that since 2017 now underpins the Love Unites theme of the annual parade and festival. As part of our mission, we work closely with MyUmbrella to help support the kink and fetish aims of their company. More information can be found about www.myumbrella.org.uk

Club F.O.D

Club F.O.D organises regular LGBT+ Club nights in Reading which are held at The Blagrave Arms to provide dedicated safe spaces for all members of the LGBT+ spectrum.

The venue already actively welcomes the LGBT+ community and Club F.O.D is working with the venue to bring you dedicated LGBT+ Nights in Reading that also raise money for local LGBT+ Charities and mainstream charities.

F.O.D is a non-profit event that is organised by a team of volunteers.