Kink & Fetish Community Statement on Ban Conversion Therapy and “Safe to be Me”


Statement on Ban Conversion Therapy and “Safe to be Me” by Kink & Fetish Community:

We stand with our trans siblings during this time. As community groups and people we pledge and aim to make our spaces inclusive for people under the trans umbrella and ensure we uplift the voices of our broader LGBTQ+ community.

As part of this, we can not stand by and watch as our trans siblings are not being supported. The government’s decision to scrap “conversion therapy”, a practice that has been described as unethical and dangerous, then a U-turn as an abhorrent attempt at a compromise, lead to the exclusion of the trans community. We can not watch members of our communities’ rights being excluded. We stand with organisations such as the LGBT consortium and others listed calling for change.

Additionally, we support organisations such as Stonewall, EPOA, and Mermaids UK stepping down from the ‘Safe to be Me’ event, which has now been cancelled. We observe that for many across the UK it is not safe to be yourself, and we acknowledge that as community groups and leaders of said groups we need to ensure our spaces are safe for all of our community.

We ask our members to email MPs, raise the voices of our trans siblings and stand with us in solidarity during this time.

We are one community. LGB with the T. A community founded on love, acceptance and pride.

The following people, groups and organisations actively support this statements:

ANIMAGI CIC / Reading Fetish Social

Birmingham Fetishmen

BLUF Birmingham

Buumi, Mr Puppy UK 2018 / Mr Puppy EU 2019

Buster, Mr Leather UK 2019

Club Scritiches

Dot All Events

European Puppy and Handler Contest (EPAHC)

Fetish Attire Club (FAC)

Hull Fetish Social

Hunter, Mr Puppy UK 2020

Jon Stockton, Mr Leather UK 2020

Kennel Klub

Kinkyboys Podcast

Leather 101

Leathermen Cymru

Leathermen Scotland

Liverpool Leathermen


Newcastle Leathermen

Paul Stag, Mr Leather UK 2008 / Alphatribe Magazine

PawzOut Newcastle

Pups of the North

Richard, Mr Leather Wales 2016

Rob Wilde, Mr Puppy UK 2017

Rubbermen of London

Simon Jones – Mr Leather Wales 2017

Southwest Fetish Men

South West Rubbermen

Tea Bags & JoystiXXX Podcast

Team Puppy UK

If you are a kink and fetish group, organisation, titleholder, etc. and would like to sign up email us at or on social media