Follow Up: Representation of Kink at Pride


Since August 14th, when we published the findings of our Representation of Kink at Pride survey, we’ve seen an amazing response from pride organisers and the wider kink community. We wanted to highlight just some of the great response we’ve seen from our survey.

PRIDE in Gloucestershire Live Discussion Panel (2020/09/10)

We were delighted to be invited to host a 2-hour live discussion panel called “Kink and Fetish – ‘More than meets the eye'” on YouTube, in partnership with PRIDE in Gloucestershire.

We invited Jon Stockton (Mr Leather UK), John (SouthWest FetishMen), Rogue (Puppy UK Runner-up), Steven (MyUmbrella), Zayna (Zayna Ratty Therapy & Consultancy), and Touko to discuss topics ranging from kink and mental health, to why it’s so important to be able to represent kink at pride.

A massive thanks to all that joined us live, our wonderful panellists and of course PRIDE in Gloucestershire for offering us their platform.

You can see the live recording of the event on the PRIDE in Gloucestershire YouTube Channel, or embedded below.

MyUmbrella “Under The Brolly LIVE!” Podcast (2020/09/13)

My Umbrella, a volunteer-led project of Reading Pride, invited Thumper (ANIMAGI’s Chairperson) to join Episode 11 of their Under The Brolly LIVE! podcast to put forth why kink is a key part of the LGBTQ+ history and why it absolutely should be represented at pride.

You can see the live recording of the podcast on the MyUmbrella LGBT+ Facebook Page, or embedded below.

Shut the WOOF up Podcast (2020/09/13)

Shut the WOOF up, a comedy podcast and YouTube channel for pups and kinksters invited Thumper (ANIMAGI’s Chairperson) to join Series 4 Episode 6 of their podcast. The episode was dedicated to discussing the overwhelming response to our survey and where there could be more work done to improve the representation of Kink and Transgender persons at pride.

You can find the recording of the podcast on the Shut the WOOF up website, any good podcast player, or embedded below.

GayStarNews – “Kink lovers want more visibility at Pride” (2020/08/17)

Tris Reid-Smith, a reporter for GayStarNews, published a fantastic article highlighting our research and putting our findings in front of their followers.

You can find the article on the GayStarNews website.