International Fetish Day 2021 w/ MyUmbrella


Originating in the UK ‘National Fetish Day’ started on 21 January 2008 however a year later became an established Day and became International Fetish Day on 16 January 2009. The awareness day is held annually on the third Friday of the year. It was originally opposing parts of the UK law criminalizing possession of ‘extreme pornography (sections preventing people from obtaining pictures and videos of consensual Kink and Fetish such as BDSM, impact play, etc.) but also bring awareness and support to the in the fetish communitity. It has more recently encouraged people to be more open about the sexuality and drive sexual liberation.This year we decided to celebrate and bring awareness to Kink and Fetish with MyUmbrella and posted videos on their social media made by/organised by Animagi.

Starting with an introduction about Kink and Fetish by our chairperson, talking about how fetish is just about having gratification (positive experience, sometimes sexual) in what you wear or in objects/part of the body. You can also see all the videos here.

As the weekend went on we talked about the leather community a large community of people consisting of people from many genders and sexual orientations this community is one of the most well-known communities in the LGBTQ+ community. Growing out of biker community and based around WW2 uniform it has been around since about 1950-60s, with the community being a community at the hearts of PRIDEs across the world and AIDs protests. We had an amazing member of the community KinkGuyKent come on and chat about Leather for us:

We also talked about Rubber, sometimes referred to as latex, which is naturally made by coagulating the milky juice of various tropical plants. This is often linked to PVC due to the similar look and feel; this is why some people love to wear it with its shiny appearance and can be due to its tight feel, like a ‘second skin’ and many other reasons. These types of outfits have been seen all over pop culture for years, from Cat Woman in Batman and Black Widow in Avengers to Lady Gaga. To tell you more, we had Necro, a Rubber Fetishicist:

Next, we had Rogue talk about Pup Play. Pup Play is a form of animal roleplay in which people act in a canine manner. This can as a form of submission, non-sexual escapism, etc. Commonly people in this community wear a hood/muzzle to help take on a pup like persona.

Another large part of the Kink and Fetish community is BDSM, which stands for Bondage and Discipline (BD), domination and submission (DS), sadism and masochism (SM). This is ecompasing of many other types of Kink adn Fetishes such as rope play, impact play and more, for this reason BDSM is often also known as a like an umbrella term for multiple other Kinks and Fetishes. Therefore we had DaddyDagga talk about BDSM in general and our Community Outreach Officer Zael talk about in more detail about DS.

Within all of these, there is importance around consent and safety. Consent is the permission or agreement between one or more partners to conduct a certain activity, it is not just sexy but also mandatory. Consent can be communicated verbal and non-verbal and we conduct ourselves consensual every day not just in sexual activities but also in non-sexual consent, tea making and hugging. Often we describe good consent as FRIES – Freely Given, Reversible, Informed, Enthusiastic and Specific. Often other acronyms are used to ensure the safety of your partners such as RACK (Risk-aware Consensual Kink) or PRICK (Personal Responsibility Informed Consensual Kink), ensuring that Kink is not just consensual but also that all parties are aware of the risk and put in measures to prevent/reduce the risk of harm. Our chairperson was back to tell us more also if you want to learn more about consent you can click here.

We had much fun educating people all across the different media platforms with the help of MyUmbrella. If you have any question you can contact us here.