This year is a year we must come together more than ever, being able to finally see each other and show our true colours in the world. Whether you are flagging using the handkerchief code or waving your pride flags high, we would love you to join us to celebrate and stand to support our LGBTQ+ community.

We are currently working with PRIDEs to ensure that we have a space to walk as a Kink and Fetish community and an area. This area aims to include stalls, social space, a pet play area and more. As a group, we are looking at creating a few things during the day to promote networking across our community.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are a stall vendor; we would love you to be a part of our area.


The leather community’s ( and others in the Kink and Fetish community) supported the LGBTQ+ community during the AIDS crisis and have been at the forefront of PRIDE from its very beginning. The community has a dedication to queer and sexual liberation, there is a longstanding history of support and intersectionality between kinksters and LGBTQ+ people. While there, we will also be supplying condoms and lube and resources thanks to PrEPster and Terrence Higgins Trust.

We emphasise that PRIDE has a lot of work to ensure that PRIDEs are inclusive of the Kink and Fetish community and POC, women, disabled, trans+ communities, sex work, HIV+, etc. Importantly, we must observe that such discrimination and gatekeeping also occurs within the Kink and Fetish community themselves. PRIDE is a PROTEST.

To learn more about Kink and Fetish at PRIDE, click here.


We are currently waiting on information for the parade; if the parade does occur, we will plan a meeting spot. The area will take place in King’s Meadow, which is off of Napier Road. It is a short walk from the train station. The Festival kicks off at 12 pm with a full line-up of entertainment across three stages throughout the day along with a funfair, family area, a wide range of food, drink and market stalls.


Parade – TBC

The area will start at 12 pm and will start to turn down between 5 – 7 pm, up to the discretion of PRIDE.


This is for all those interested or a part of the Kink and Fetish community (including Leather, Rubber, Pup, etc.), especially those intersecting with the LGBTQIA+ community, over the age of 18. You are welcome regardless of the gear you have.


Follow the guidelines of PRIDE read their FAQ for more information:

Please read our code of conduct (COC) before joining the event ( As stated in the COC, this event will be 18+ and the dress code is minimum swimwear coverage (no nudity will be allowed). This includes the covering of female-presenting nipples, buttocks, and intimate parts (genitals), including no plug tails. There is no set dress code as long as it follows the public decency and rules stated above; gear is advised but is not necessary.


This event is free. However, you can donate to ANIMAGI CIC or Reading PRIDE to help fund and support future events.

How to say you are coming

There are multiple ways to say you are interested; look at below:

Facebook – FetLife –